Cutter Blades

SMT Cutter Blades

Cutter blades look simple, but their manufacturing processes are not simple at all. In order to get the best quality, the base material should be carefully selected and the heat treatment needs to be finished by an accurate time & temperature control. Tool steel, the base metal of the cutter blades, can be easily brittle, cracked and distorted when the heat treatment is not appropriate. We perfectly control the heat treatment process (carburizing) with our outsourcing supplier and produce the ultimate quality of the cutter blades.

Features and Benefits

1. Base metal: Tool steel, Heat treatment: Carburizing, Surface hardness: HRC 57-62
2. Excellent durability
3. Precise dimension, No surface crack

Fuji Cutter Blades
Fuji Cutter Blades
Part Number Description
MPK0063 CP4 Moving Cutter
MPK0085, MPK0084 CP4 Fixed Cutter
WPK0312 CP6 - 4000 Moving Cutter
WPK0241, WPK0240 CP6 - 4000 Fixed Cutter
DCPK0101 CP7 Moving Cutter
DCPK0071 CP7 Fixed Cutter
KME Cutter Blades
KME Cutter Blades
Part Number Description
1313C1-11031 CM82-ME Moving Cutter
1313C1-11010 CM82-ME Fixed Cutter
1314C2-11201 CM86-M2 Moving Cutter
1314C2-11091 CM86-M2 Fixed Cutter
1323CO-11062 CM88C-M Moving Cutter (Old)
1323CO-11050(5T) CM88C-M Fixed Cutter (Old)
130CCO-11060 CM88C-M Moving Cutter (New)
130CCO-11050(3T) CM88C-M Fixed Cutter (New)
KXFB02E0A01 CM402L Cutter
KXFB02E1A00 CM402L Cutter
Panasonic Cutter Blades
Panasonic (Panasert) Cutter Blades
Part Number Description
1020122021 MV, MV2, MV2C Moving Cutter
1020122022 MV, MV2, MV2C Fixed Cutter
104272523301 MV2F Moving Cutter
104272500902 MV2F Fixed Cutter
104671301502 MSR Moving Cutter
104671301602 MSR Fixed Cutter
104272523302V MV2VB Moving Cutter
104272523401V MV2VB Fixed Cutter
1023711064 MSH-II, MSH-III Moving Cutter
1023711064WC MSH-II, MSH-III Moving Cutter
102371106303 MSH-II, MSH-III Fixed Cutter
Sanyo Cutter Blades
Sanyo Cutter Blades
Part Number Description
6300409849 TCM-1000, TCM-1050 Moving Cutter
6300402377 TCM-1000, TCM-1050 Fixed Cutter
6300738841 TCM-3000Z Moving Cutter
6300709384 TCM-3000Z Fixed Cutter