Rubber Supporter

Rubber Supporter - Flexible PCB Support Tool

Rubber Supporters

Rubber Supporter has been developed as a substitution of Back up pins & Jigs which are commonly used as PCB support tools for surface mounting process in component placement machines. The production environment of today’s high-density and highly miniaturized electronics makes it a lot tougher for the line engineers to set up the PCB support tools, requiring more time and effort. Also, the Back up pins & Jigs can possibly damage PCB components during the manufacturing process. Designed to eliminate all these issues, Rubber Supporter offers its easy of use and outstanding performance to even the most densely populated and the most miniaturized PCBs.

Purposes of Use

Rubber Supporter

1. Higher Productivity

- No need unnecessary setting time for tooling changeover
- No damages on PCB components - fabricated from special urethane compound
- ESD safe conductive material

2. Cost-Efficiency

- The best replacement for PCB support tools
- Keeping its excellent permanency at 85 degree Celsius for more than 500 hours

3. Applicable to all brands of component placement machines

- Depending on the specific machine type, Rubber supporter can be assembled in a range of sizes and types of Blocks
- Providing customized sizes and shapes