SMT Connecting Tapes & Tools

1. Connecting Tapes

Connecting Tape has been designed to join component reels together which reduce component placement machine downtime, thus delivering time and cost efficiencies.

Features and Benefits

1. Significant cost savings by reducing component reel change downtime.
2. Easy to use & Provide a precise connection of component reels.
3. Type: 1-belt, 2-belt, 3-belt, 4-belt, connecting tape & clip
4. Size: 8mm, 12mm, 16mm, 24mm

Types of Connecting Tapes
Connecting Tape - 1 Belt Type Connecting Tape - 2 Belt Type Connecting Tape - 3 Belt Type Connecting Tape - 4 Belt Type Connecting Tape and Clip
1-belt 2-belt 3-belt 4-belt Tape & Clip type
How to use
Connecting Tape Instruction 1 Connecting Tape Instruction 2 Connecting Tape Instruction 3 Connecting Tape Instruction 4 Connecting Tape Instruction 5
Use the cutting tool to cut the tape at 90°. Strip off the cover paper. Place the two joining reels on the connecting tape. Fold along the center. Add pressure. Discard the plastic cover.

2. Cutting Tools

Features and Benefits

1. Cuts component reels for accurate alignment during connecting
2. Guarantees a straight cut
3. Makes full use of components
4. Unique design perfect for trimming carrier tapes

CRT-A20 Cutting Tool

CRT-A20 for 8mm reel tapes

CRT-A30 Cutting Tool

CRT-A30 for 12mm or wider reel tapes

3. Connecting Tools

CRT-A10 Connecting Tool


Use for Clip

Use for Clip

Use for Tape & Clip Type

Use for Tape & Clip Type