Machining Process

Machining Process of SMT Nozzles

Nozzle Tip Disk (PM product) → Tip machining (EDM, Wire cutting) → Body hole machining (NC Lathe) → Shape machining (Grinding machine) → Tip and Body Assembly → Tip hole machining (NC Lathe) → Tip shape machining (EDM, Wire cutting) → Coating

Electric Discharge Machining

Wire EDM

Wire EDM

Capable of cutting process for ultra-hard materials - sintered polycrystalline diamond or Tungsten carbide alloys.
Workpieces into various shapes
Capable of tapered machining (using inclining wire)

Cutting Process

Milling machine

Milling Machine

Applicable all milling processes - from basic to the most difficult materials (stainless steels or invar alloys)

NC Lathe

NC Lathe

High-precision machining process

Grinding Process

Surface grinding machine

Surface Grinding Machine

Surface grinding process

Cylindrical Grinding Machine

Cylindrical Grinding Machine

Internal and external grinding process